why use Flat Hunter

No up-front fees

With Flat Hunter, you pay a set fee - and only upon successful completion of your purchase. There are no supplemental charges (as charged by other search agencies: no service contract fees, no visit registration fees, etc.).

Personalised contracts

We contract to meet your personal criteria and only show you what you are looking to buy. If not totally satisfied with our services, you can finalise your contract at any time, simply by sending an email giving 15 days’ notice.


Our English-speaking consultants are based in Paris and have in-depth and up-to-date, knowledge of the current real estate market. With many years of experience and a high rate of success, we not only find the best properties but advise and accompany you throughout the entire process of buying your property in Paris.


No pressure, we do not try to sway you towards certain properties for profit, in fact we will negotiate on your behalf to reduce the price and agency fee, if possible. In addition, we explicitly provide you with the good and the bad aspects of a property – it's entirely your decision when buying property in Paris!


The fees that you pay us are our only source of remuneration! Flat Hunter is contractually forbidden to receive any commissions whether it be from a vendor or an agency.


Flat Hunter will accompany you throughout your entire project when buying an apartment in Paris. We will always help with negotiation and our expertise and relationships with agencies will often mean a reduction in selling price or agency fees, thus reducing your overall outlay and offsetting our fees.

  • Up to 1 M€
    3% to 4% plus tax (20% TVA)
  • More than 1 M€
    Upon Application
You are able to freely terminate at any time via Email (with no minimum engagement and 10 days notice), no questions asked.


Who does Flat Hunter accept commission from?

In the interest of transparency, integrity, and objectivity, we at Flat Hunter are paid only by the buyer. We never accept fees from other agencies or sellers!

If the property I find through Flat Hunter is bought via an agency, who pays the commission of the agency? What are your commission fees?

If your property is found through an agency the commission will be included in the price shown and paid for by the seller when the property is sold. Regardless, we make sure it is not posted anywhere else for a lower price – either by private sale or through another agency – to ensure that you are buying at actual market price.

Is there a certain duration of the contact or am I able to terminate the contract at any time?

Here at Flat Hunter we are very flexible and are happy to tailor a contract to suit your search requirements. We are a success-based company who chooses to work in confidence with you, meaning we are paid only upon a successful outcome and not for time spent.