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of paris property finder

Flat Hunter is not a real estate agency but, for almost 20 years, has been the pioneering - and leading -Paris property finder. Flat Hunter, being the first and foremost, property search expert service, focuses solely on buyers to offer them a highly-personalised service, covering every step of the purchase process.

In 1999, Jerome Martinet made a disconcerting realisation: in a market with fewer properties for sale in comparison to the ever-growing number of buyers, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to buy as opposed to selling, Paris property.

Faced with the immobility of the French real estate market and wishing to be clearly distinguished from traditional real estate agencies or list merchants, he then took the initiative to launch the innovative concept 100% dedicated to buyers: Flat Hunter, Property Search Experts.

Over the years, our team of Paris real estate finders has grown considerably. Our experience, proven methods and organisation, our advanced computer tools and databases have allowed our business to operate ever more effectively with more than 1000 happy clients since inception.

With close to 20 years of experience, Flat Hunter remains the preferred property search expert company within the Paris real estate market. We consist of a management team of six people and fifteen independent property search experts who collaborate between a web of real estate partners to find the best properties for you. With a relatively small team, we are able to thoroughly personalise your experience and provide you with the best outcome possible.

We are proud that our past clients have trusted Flat Hunter to take care of their Paris real estate needs. Their satisfaction has contributed to our company expansion and name.

Flat Hunter chasseur immobilier paris

Jérôme Martinet
CEO & Founder of Flat Hunter


What is the difference between Flat Hunter’s expert search service and a real estate agency?

Our property search experts work exclusively in the interest of buyers, contrary to real estate agents who work in the interest of sellers, and who only offer properties in their portfolio (which does not give access to 100% of the market). Flat Hunter searches the entire market – private sellers included – to match the best properties with your criteria. Our property search experts are strong in negotiation and guide you through all steps of acquisition, landing you in your dream home in the fastest possible manner.

Does the Flat Hunter team search outside the Paris zone?

In short, no. Our team specialises within the Paris ‘intramural’ zone – arrondissements 1-20. We maintain tight-knit connections within the city (real estate agencies, notaries etc.) and offer you our precise knowledge of the local market.

Can Flat Hunter help me search for a rental property?

Flat Hunter exclusively provides services for clients wishing to purchase property in Paris. For those searching for rental property we recommend contacting a relocation company specialising in rentals.

Does Flat Hunter accept small budgets for acquisition?

We do not set a minimum acquisition budget from our clients, however, we do charge a minimum rate for each successful search operation.