Working with Flat Hunter
Paris real estate Finder

Flat Hunter offers you a highly-personalised service, we listen to our clients at each step of our mission to deepen our understanding of your specific criteria. After verifying the practical feasibility of your project, we offer a service tailored to your needs. Once the mission is accepted, we assign a property search expert specifically responsible for your personalised real estate search.

We then prospect the entire market by relying on our tools and extended network of relationships, to identify only properties that would interest you. If there is time, we pre-visit these properties and show you only those closest to your wishes.We also assist in negotiating the price and terms of the sale in complete independence of the sellers or their representatives.

We objectively advise you at every step of your search. At the end of your acquisition, if necessary, we will put you in contact with our partners who offer particularly advantageous terms. Throughout your interaction with Flat Hunter, our team is at your service in strict compliance of our Charter of Quality.

By using one of our Paris property finders, you work closely with a market expert who looks at only your specific preferences, a must-have in such a dynamic and vast market. Other search agents are restricted to an exclusive list of properties, the result of being a buying-arm of an estate agent.

Moreover, as many buyer services cater solely to an international clientele, these services usually ignore the substantial market of private sales, finding properties through a limited number of agents, and presenting properties at prices higher than those for local buyers. Our Paris property finders, however, work solely with YOU, providing a complete list of properties throughout all of Paris.

Our expert Paris real estate finder services make your search, visits, and purchase process as easy as possible!

How it works ?

1. Preliminary assessment of the project and service proposal

You can ask us for a personalised assessment of your project and obtain a service proposal by filling out our Describe Your Project page, or by contacting us directly by phone or email for more information about our services.

Without any commitment on your part, you will be contacted by a member of our management team and receive a commercial proposal (or draft contract) that is both clear and precise. We can also put you in contact with financing specialists so you can better confirm your budget.

2. Contractual engagement and the beginning of the mission

If our personalised proposition meets your needs, we immediately assign a personal Property Search Expert to your case, your new partner in the project. If you are starting your search with us from abroad, it is important to sign your contract by email so we can start your search as soon as possible.

Our team remains at your disposal at all times, tending to any issues or questions you have about the search.

3. Distribution and launch of search

Upon confirmation of your file by our management team, we put our tools to work and automatically inform our team of Property Search Experts and partners.

Your dedicated Property Search Expert performs a search in our database, prospects apartments across the entire market, and sends you the properties that are most in line with your demands.

4. Presentation of properties and updating search criteria

We will keep you regularly informed of the progress of the search, sending descriptions and photos of the properties visited by your Paris property finder. We then collect your impressions and comments to refine our understanding of your needs, while offering solutions to alter your criteria.

When you are available to come to Paris, we organize an intense schedule, in accordance with your time constraints, to visit the properties that best fit your criteria. If you can only be in Paris for a few days we show you as many apartments as are available, and, as the search has been continually refined since the start of the mission, you will quickly find what you are looking for.

5. Objective advice in the negotiations and final outcome

We will put you in touch directly with the seller or their representative and help you with the negotiations on price and terms of purchase: offer, preceding terms or conditions, choosing a notary...all in objectivity. We introduce you to all necessary partners so that you can make the best decision: tax specialists, notaires (see Glossary), architects, renovators, etc.

With the promesse (preliminary sales contract) signed, we conduct the usual checks during the legal withdrawal period (...diagnostics, neighbourhood study). If you must return home before the final signatures, you can assign Flat Hunter the power of attorney to complete the process for you.

You do not pay us the transaction fees until the search is complete, at the signing of the final act of sale with the notaire (when you get the keys.) We remain committed to making your project a success providing partners for any further needs you have (transfer of funds, decorators, building management, rental agencies, etc.)