« Flat Hunter is a highly professional company with a team of market experts who have extensive contacts throughout Paris. Our personal search expert listened and knew exactly what we wanted. She was able to contact private sellers and provided a selection of unlisted properties for us, making the most out of our search. All the apartments were of high quality and fitted our criteria exactly, no time wasted. This personalized service goes unmatched by any other agency we tried. »

Martha D.

« From the very start of my time with Flat Hunter I felt like I was completely and thoroughly taken care of. With Olanda, my personal search expert, I could tell that her expertise and connections in the property market were extensive. She brought me top-notch choices and allowed me to get my property bid in first! Everyone at the company was genuinely attentive all the way through. If you want property in Paris START HERE!! »


« Great experience with this team. They make sure to pay great attention to each individual and detail during the entire search period. More importantly, they understand your search criteria and what you are looking for. My search expert, Christine, took the stress out of the complicated French buying process. I also found that their partners were very beneficial throughout all the steps as well. I was put in contact with an English speaking notaire (notary) as well as a quality renovator. I definitely recommend! »

Alexandra C.

« Flathunter was a fantastic way to search for a property in Paris. Their attention to detail in the search and selection process not only took a lot of the daunting complexities out of the process for us, but enabled us to find a property more quickly and at a better price than we would have been able to do ourselves. We were also impressed with the highly professional approach of everyone involved in the process, from first contact to our eventual move into our purchased property. »

Peter and Andrew

« Outstanding service. These guys really know this market, can’t stress that enough. I spent months searching through Parisian agencies with no luck and no quality properties. A friend of mine recommended me to FlatHunter when I was about to give up. Long story short, these guys were able to get me a quality property that was not even on the market in a fragment of the time I spent searching before! My advice to you: quality service like FlatHunter will benefit you majorly in the end! »

Jerry W.