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France Home Finance, French Mortgage and Insurance Broker for International Clients buying in Paris

A trusted Flat Hunter partner since 2005, France Home Finance's bilingual team will help you find the best French mortgage on the market as well as assist you with all your insurance needs.

It's possible for foreign and non-resident buyers to obtain a French euro mortgage to buy French property

Many clients don't realize this. At today's low interest rates that can be fixed for up to 25 years, it's worth investigating!

Get your financing in order before you begin your property search

France Home Finance will do a free, no obligation pre-approval to borrow study for you and provide detailed quotes. This can help you finalize your search budget before you invest valuable time and effort in your search.

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All can be done from a distance, including opening up a bank account

If you only have a short time in town to find your property but no time to organize financing, don't worry. FHF can arrange everything for you by phone and email to put your French mortgage, insurance and bank account in place. If you are able to meet them in person, they can welcome you at their Marais office close to Place des Vosges.

Five compelling reasons why a French mortgage could be right for you :

      1) Save money on currency exchange if you are not earning in euros
      By taking a mortgage in euros, you postpone the need to move the full price of your purchase into euros. Then when the exchange rate improves, you can pay off your mortgage early if you choose.
      2) Save money by reducing your taxable rental income
      Rental income earned from your French property will have to be declared annually to the French tax authorities. You can reduce the amount of taxable rental revenue by the interest paid on your French mortgage. This does not apply to mortgages taken in your home country for your French property.
      3) Save money with the low French interest rates and keep your home country equity available
      If you’re considering a loan secured on your property in your home country, keep in mind that French interest rates are often lower. Your return on investment could be higher by opting for a French mortgage and keeping your capital in local investments. Further, you leave your home country property open to borrow against in the future.
      4) Increase your budget to buy with a French mortgage
      If you plan to buy in cash but are not happy with the property to which your budget corresponds, don't make a compromise that you might regret. A French mortgage will help you increase your purchasing power to make an offer on the property that’s right for you.
      5) Reduce or eliminate your French “wealth tax” burden
      Resident or not, you are legally obliged to declare the market value of your French assets to the government each year if you have assets net of debt worth over 1.3 million euros and then you must pay the applicable “wealth tax”. You can reduce the market value of any property you own by the capital outstanding on your French mortgage.
CLICK HERE for your free pre-approval to borrow analysis tailored for Flat Hunter clients.

France Home Finance

9 rue Jacques Coeur ,75004 Paris

Tel : +331 44 88 59 44