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The 3rd arrondissement is made up of three main areas: Montorgeuil, Bourse and Opera. To the east we find Montorgeuil, full of trendy pedestrian streets, local commerce, lively cafes, restaurants and bars.

The business districts of the Bourse - home of Paris’ stock exchange - becomes quite peaceful after hours while Opera, with its bustling shopping areas and a number of converging main roads, remains busy day and night.

To the West of rue de Richelieu we find the theatre district. Little passage ways and arcades full of shops and cafes, give charm to the border of Boulevard Montmartre and Rue Croix-des-petits-champs.

To the East is Sentier, formerly better known for its fashion wholesalers, is now the centre of a hip restaurant and bar scene.

Little street markets, designer shopping, lively streets, fashionable restaurants and bars, along with a rich history and Its close proximity to the business district are prime attractions for anyone wishing to live in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

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The slightly quieter environment of Bourse offers apartments that are more conventional while around the Opera area we tend to find the chicer apartments. Even though it is often filled with tourists (and traffic) during the day, it can be quiet and residential after hours and can be somewhat lacking in local commerce.

The Sentier was previously a little run-down but is now an up and coming area – bustling by day with shoppers and by night with people attracted to the latest bars and restaurants. Architecture in this area varies greatly with Haussmanian buildings sometimes in the same street as medieval, ancient and contemporary.

The pedestrian area of Montorgueil is mainly residential and is much sought after because of its lively atmosphere. Apartments in older buildings often overlook calm courtyards away from the bustle of the streets. Some modern developments, while respecting the style of the district, have replaced some of the older buildings.

Lower property prices, attractive buildings, close proximity to the centre of Paris and its trendy shopping and restaurant scene are the main draws for those who are looking to buy an apartment in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

Paris 3rd arronddisement

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The mean price per m² here is around 10 230€ (Meilleurs Agents), with price ranges varying greatly per area. The most expensive street is Rue Volney (12 543€ m²) and the least expensive, Boulevard Saint-Denis (8 507 €/m²) (Meilleurs Agents).

With this large price differential between areas, it is wise to choose your location carefully when looking to buy an apartment in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

The Chambre de Notaires de Paris notes that real estate prices here rose by 8% in the first quarter of 2017, and by +6.3% in the past year. The slightly lower prices mean this is an excellent choice for young and young-minded investors who appreciate the trendy, lively atmosphere to happily live in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris