Why Flat Hunter and OFX are working in partnership together

When buying a property abroad, it is important not to forget about foreign exchange, and, how you will transfer your funds. It’s natural to take what appears, the obvious option – using your bank to the send funds, but this could make an already pricey investment even more expensive. You can save money on your purchase, and on ongoing transfers such as mortgage payments, living costs, etc., by making some simple plans, in advance, with a specialist currency firm, such as OFX. Think of it like this: if you paid for an overseas property using OFX instead of your bank, you might save enough to cover the cost of the kitchen upgrade!

Why OFX?

We have chosen OFX for our clients because we value you, and it is our goal to find you the property of your dreams at the lowest possible price. With over 17 years of foreign exchange expertise, OFX prides its commitment to customer service. Teams of expert dealers, with extensive experience in local markets across the globe, help you to understand and manage the volatility of currency markets using their suite of risk management tools. You can lock-in exchange rates for up to 12 months with Forward Contracts, so, you’ll always know what you’ll be paying even if the sale gets delayed. Through OFX’s secure online platform, you can make single or recurring transfers quickly and securely. All the while, safe in the knowledge, a dedicated team of experts is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist, should you need. OFX provides clients with security and peace of mind for their transfers, using SSL encryption and employing a dedicated fraud prevention team. OFX is authorised by the FCA as an Authorised Payment Institution (Firm Ref. No. 521566). With competitive rates and fee-free* transfers, OFX, helps prospective buyers become successful property owners.

How can OFX make your money go further?

  • Better exchange rates than your bank, save up to 4% with OFX
  • A personalised currency strategy, tailored to your individual needs
  • Fast, highly secure payments for your peace of mind
  • No hidden charges; no commission fees or transfer charges
  • Global currency experts available 24/7 to help with your transfers

The savings don’t stop here…

With an OFX account, you can continue to save on your international money transfers with both, one-off and regular payments, such as mortgages, rental repatriation, etc. Lock in an exchange rate for up to 12 months and eliminate the stress organising regular currency transfers can create. Register today with OFX and discover how easy international payments can be. *Occasionally, third-party banks may deduct a fee from your transfer before paying your recipient. This fee may vary, and OFX receives no portion of it.